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Luke Kervin

Coming together to support the connected practice of the future

Each day, at private practices nationwide, healthcare providers carry out a mission to care for others, heal and comfort, and bring good health to our families and communities. If there’s a more noble professional endeavor, we don’t know of it.

Yet running a practice is increasingly difficult. Payer rules, shrinking reimbursements, administrative and regulatory requirements… it all distracts from care a little at a time and can threaten practice success.

We believe it should be easier to run a thriving, enriching healthcare practice. It’s essential to the entire healthcare ecosystem. The neighborhood practice is often the first place people go for care and answers to their questions. It’s where patients place their trust, and connect with providers in ways they won’t find in other care settings.

Even with the most exceptional care experience, today’s patients are demanding more from practices. They want seamless, digital conveniences and easier access to practices—and data shows they’ll switch doctors for a better experience. With the proliferation of walk-in clinics and urgent care settings, patients have more options than ever.

The era of consumer-driven healthcare is here — and here to stay. The shift to this digital environment had been gradual, but COVID-19 accelerated it significantly. Providers raced to adopt digital technology just to connect with patients and continue delivering care. As more practices offered a modern experience, patients suddenly had more choices for doctors meeting their preferences.

To thrive in this new phase of healthcare, practices need a new practice model. They need new technology that delivers the type of digital experience patients encounter every day across every other industry. Without slowing down providers and staff.

To make that a reality, we’re combining our companies, Kareo and PatientPop. Together, we can offer capabilities that enhance every step of the patient journey, digital connections that benefit both practice and patient. This includes each essential moment in today’s consumer-centric world, from attracting and acquiring patients, through engagement, clinical care, billing and payments, and return visits.

Why Kareo and PatientPop? We founded our respective companies with the same goal in mind: empower independent healthcare providers and practices to flourish. Together, we recognized an opportunity to combine our highly complementary practice technologies.

PatientPop supports practice growth with search marketing and search-optimized websites, plus conveniences such as online appointment booking, digital registration, and text messaging. Kareo supports practice operations with technologies that include a fully certified Electronic Health Record (EHR), scheduling, insurance billing, and patient payments.

Together, we’ll form a new company, Tebra, with a singular vision to support the connected practice of the future and modernize every step of the patient journey. The name Tebra comes from “vertebrae,” symbolizing the company’s role as the backbone of practice success, connecting patients and providers and improving the wellbeing of both.

In the months ahead, practices can select Kareo and PatientPop offerings to best serve their patients and growth goals—which both companies already deliver collectively to more than 100,000 providers. Practices that use both Kareo and PatientPop will find a deep, seamless integration between the two.

As a new company, Tebra will deliver a true all-in-one platform built specifically for the connected practice of the future, enhancing every touchpoint from patient acquisition through care delivery and payment collection, to ongoing communications that build loyalty and advocacy. This will be a next-generation patient experience—convenient, accessible, personalized—that practices can manage from one solution.

This first-of-its-kind offering will save time, reduce tasks, and offer unprecedented visibility into practice performance and growth. Most important, it will help independent practitioners keep their focus on the mission of care, while thriving like never before.

Every provider should have the freedom to run a successful practice without the drudgery and demands of the healthcare system getting in the way. We envision every provider having the resources to spend less time on operations and more time on personal, meaningful care. The type of care that delivers positive outcomes, happy patients, and thriving businesses.

We’re thrilled to usher in this new era of the connected practice and look forward to taking the journey with you.

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Luke KervinLuke Kervin
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Luke Kervin
Luke Kervin is Co-founder and Co-CEO of PatientPop. Kervin and Travis Schneider started PatientPop in 2014 to help healthcare providers take advantage of technology to better connect with patients. Kervin oversees the company’s strategy, operations, and product development.

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

As leaders in clinical, financial, and practice growth technology, Kareo and PatientPop have joined forces as Tebra to support the connected practice of the future and modernize every step of the patient journey.

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