PatientPop reviews: Dr. Patrick Roberto, podiatrist

PatientPop Customer Patrick Roberto, DPM, discusses his experience with PatientPop, the leader in practice growth technology.

Thousands of healthcare providers trust PatientPop to manage each step of practice growth, from the moment patients find them online to post-visit feedback. Today, we hear from customer Patrick Roberto, DPM.

Dr. Roberto is a top-ranked podiatrist and owner of Achilles Foot Care, a two-location practice in the Pittsburgh area. In this video, PatientPop representative Norm Schrager asks Dr. Roberto about his experiences and successes with PatientPop. Watch the video for conversation highlights, or see more of their conversation in the below transcript.

Norm Schrager: Dr. Roberto, thank you for joining us today. You are a board-certified podiatrist with two locations in the Pittsburgh area. Your practice is Achilles Foot Care. How long was Achilles Foot Care opened before you decided to check out PatientPop services?

Patrick Roberto, DPM: Well, Achilles Foot Care has been in existence as Achilles Foot Care since 2008, so a good 10 years. It was nine years before I actually looked into PatientPop last year.

Schrager: Is there a particular reason that you decided to look at growth services like PatientPop after that period of time? I know you’ve mentioned wanting to rebalance your patient base, but was that the primary reason or were there other considerations?

Roberto: There’s definitely more considerations than just that. Primarily, I wanted to rebalance that because I was seeing mostly geriatric patients.

I definitely felt that rebalancing the patient base was important, but I needed to bring in more surgical candidates. PatientPop allows for that since we can monitor over the internet and allow the younger patients to find me.

Schrager: What were some of the particular methods … how did PatientPop go about addressing that for you?

Roberto: Primarily, just having the website design, being more attractive and the ease of making appointments right from the website. They also blog, which we do as well, and I do it through PatientPop.

Schrager: You didn’t have any new services, you just naturally got more to the patients you were looking for on the surgical side?

Roberto: Absolutely, ages 25 and up. My statistics have shown I’ve gone from when I initially started at approximately 70 percent above 55, and now it’s roughly 30 percent at above 55 years of age.

Schrager: That’s quite a change. I know, you mentioned it just now as part of your services, you’ve opted for PatientPop to do all of your blogging initiative — creating the content and getting it posted for you. How did you come to that decision, whereas perhaps some practices or some doctors would choose to do that on their own?

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Roberto: I did think about it prior to doing it. Blogging wasn’t the first thing that I added. I added it as the final feature, really. I did think possibly I would do some of it or my family would do some of that, but the reality is I’ve become too busy to do that, so PatientPop has helped me become more busy in the office.

Being busier in the office means less time to do any of that work. It has come in very handy for them to send me a blog post for my review and I get to approve it, and get it posted.

Schrager: In your mind, that’s helped contribute to some of the results you mentioned earlier?

Roberto: I believe it has actually brought to mind many questions to a patient that was looking initially. “I have foot pain,” or “I have ankle pain,” and “Yes, I have that problem.” Then they call and make the appointment, and then we discuss it. Some have mentioned that they saw the blog or they saw a post somewhere.

Schrager: I was going to ask along those lines, anecdotally whether it be online scheduling that you mentioned or blog posts or anything online about your services. Have you received any feedback about any of those items from patients directly?

Roberto: Absolutely. We’re seeing many new patients first off. I’ve easily doubled my new patient volume, and it hasn’t even been a year yet, and those new patients state that they saw the website, and they saw the reputation report. Basically, that people were posting and that leads them to my website, which then they read the blog.

Like I said, it actually allows them to think of questions to ask when they’re here. It does make the appointment even easier. They definitely like the idea of the posts and the information that they receive.

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Schrager: That’s a great value, the idea that it actually makes things a little easier for you in the exam room, because like most folks do online, they’ve done their homework. But it sounds like they feel a little satisfied with what they’ve seen enough to make the engagement in the exam room a little easier on you.

Roberto: It does, it makes it easier on me. It also can make it a little more time-consuming, because now they have more questions, but it’s worth it. I feel as if they leave the office well informed and that’s what they’re happy about. That’s what they feel comfortable with at the end.

Schrager: For practitioners out there that are listening, if you had to share something about your experiences with PatientPop, what would you want to tell them?

Roberto: The ease that PatientPop makes for the physician and the staff actually has been the most overwhelming difference. As soon as we instituted PatientPop website design, patients started seeing that right away. I did have a prior website, but they noted this website was much nicer. That is one thing.

Then, the next phase in which I utilized was increasing the blogging, all of which really brought everything together. I don’t have to do anything, actually. I just have to see patients. I have to make sure I’m on time, because if I start late, I’m going to be late. I guarantee it, because we are inundated with new patients. Not a bad thing. It’s a good thing.

I would say that it’s been the best investment I made since I started business.

Schrager: We certainly appreciate that. Thank you so much for your time.

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