Text messaging & patient communications

Make your patients happy and reduce hold times with call-to-text, two-way text, and web-to-text options.

Use one platform to power text messaging

Don’t waste time with multiple platforms. Offer patients a variety of text options from our single, TCPA-compliant solution with a built-in HIPAA consent tool. We make it easy to communicate with patients how they want, so you don’t miss a lead or patient message.

Text messaging & patient communications

Clunky website chatbots can cause web visitors to leave your site without taking the next step. Our web-to-text service drives appointment booking by giving your website visitors a quicker, preferred communication option.

Offer text messaging on hold and after hours

With call-to-text, patients who call after hours or when lines are busy are given the option to connect with your practice via text message. That way, you don’t risk losing a new patient, and your staff has fewer calls and voicemails to process.

69% of consumers want the ability to contact a business by text message.

EZ Texting

Offer secure two-way text messaging

Maintain conversations without having to switch platforms or apps. With our two-way text messaging, your practice can send and receive texts directly within the PatientPop Practice Portal.

Get patient information faster

Reduce wait times, and speed up the check-in process for patients and staff. Use text messaging to send patients a link to your intake and registration forms, collect insurance card photos, and receive any information that’s needed.

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To take advantage of the PatientPop text messaging features, you’ll need the industry’s most complete all-in-one platform.